About us

BaitekMachinery is a leading seller of unique special-purpose machinery and trucks in Central Russia. We represent interests of major reputable special machine manufacturers in the Russian market. Constant contact is maintained with more than forty makers of trucks, towed equipment and special-purpose vehicles.

We provide special machinery rental services on beneficial terms.  The Company’s fleet includes over 730 vehicles.

Throughout its period of existence, BaitekMachinery won numerous competitions as well as government tenders for motor vehicle procurement.

The Company’s core business constists in providing a full range of high-quality and prompt services related to purchasing and renting out special-purpose machinery.

We deal with customers based on the RELIABILITY, COMPETENCE, HONOR principles.   All buyers of equipment obtain from BaitekMachinery not just a piece of machinery but a ready-to-use vehicle. We rent out motor vehicles. Our fleet offers a wide choice of high-quality vehicles and special machines.
We are trusted! And we reciprocate trust…