We listed below the basic advantages of leasing for customers who had not yet updated their fleet of special vehicles but started already to think about possessing new machines and making profit by using them. Plus for those choosing between leasing or buying on credit.

  1. BaitekLeasing Company offers the leasing service. By accepting the offer you will save your time. First of all, we can choose as the machinery supplier an optimal option; secondly the machine to be leased is financed from our own funds.
  2. Objects to be leased include trucks, road machinery, municipal vehicles, construction and special-purpose machines (supplied by BaitekMachinery, a leading organization in Central Russia for sales of unique special-purpose equipment and trucks),
  3. To our customers belong sole traders and legal entities registered minimum six months before,
  4. The Company can offer favorable leasing conditions. Flexible appreciation rates starting ONLY from 6.9 per cent p.a.!
  5. The leasing period offered to our customers is 13 to 48 months,
  6. Lease payments are flexible and may be on annuity/decreasing basis (at the customer’s discretion),
  7. The Leasing Contract provides for an initial instalment of 10%* up,
  8. Machinery is leased against a minimum list of documents required,
  9. The approving decision is taken within 24 hours from the date of providing a full set of documents.
  10. Finance lease is acceptable for any sphere of the customer’s activities.
  11. The customer obtains a leasing assessment within 15 min.
  12. Leasing is a bargain, because lease payments are fully recognized as costs, thus decreasing the profit tax base. VAT amount paid to the leasing company decreases VAT assignments to the state budget. Due to accelerated depreciation the total property tax period is cut to a third. You can receive further information about the leasing conditions from our manager on phone 8-800-775-77-55 (Russia toll free number).
Application for leasing