State order

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Modern business undergoes the process of evolution, and the market dictates new rules. Since 2005, purchasing of machinery through an electronic auction became mandatory only for state and municipal organizations, while starting from 2012 that requirement was made obligatory for natural monopolies, companies with state participation and other entities pursuant to Federal Law No.223. During recent years an active growth of the number of large commercial organizations that issue tenders in order to procure supplies from open sources has been occurring. With regard to buying expensive equipment such an approach is more than justified, since it provides certain advantages for the customer, namely the possibility to impose its own contract terms, choose the machines with required technical data and, which is very significant, to obtain a minimal price.

But how one should competently arrange a purchase by tendering? Where and how to place a purchase order for the product? By which legal acts to be guided? There are not enough qualified buyers capable of placing an order in a correct way. A mistake made in the course of tender preparation and conducting can result in a substantial loss. Our Company has been actively involved for more than seven years in government, municipal and commercial procurement procedures. In the course of this period, we had concluded and performed around 650 contracts for a total of over RUB 2.4bn. We have gained huge experience of supplies to virtually all state organizations including defense and law enforcement agencies, and to every branch of the national economy: agribusiness, industrial construction & civil engineering, road construction, oil & gas, and energy sector. Our Tendering and Government Procurement Department’s staff is constantly improving their skills and frequently attends workshops held in Russia and abroad as wells as training sessions on purchasing by state or commercial structures. The Department’s team will gladly provide you professional assistance in placing an order, starting from preparation of necessary documents up to completion of the contract with the supplier chosen as a result of the arranged bidding procedure.

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